GlassCon Global Glass Expo VE

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why have you started this show?
A: In March when the Coronavirus hit, the magazine assessed many of the ways it could best help readers and advertisers. With the ability to travel greatly curtailed for many, we thought creating an online "event" would allow both groups to still interact and connect virtually, even if the pandemic continued. The event was announced on June 17, just a few days before the remaining live industry events for the year were cancelled.

Q: How much does it cost to participate?
Admission is free to all USGlass readers. Most advertisers receive their booth at no charge as well (sales managers have more details). Higher level partnerships are available.

Q:How many people do you expect to attend?
A: As a first time industry virtual event, predicting attendance is difficult. We hope all USGlass and [DWM] magazine readers attend, but we won't know until the event happens.

Q: When are booth content/assets due by?
A: August 14 to be built into booths. If you are in need of an extension we will do our best to accommodate.

Q: Can I just send an image with a URL and have it open either on their website, YouTube channel or wherever it is housed?
A: Yes, a URL is fine to provide for a video. The user experience for a YouTube link video, or similar, will simply take them to a new window/ iframe within the virtual experience.

Q: Do I receive an attendee list?
A: All exhibitors receive a list of everyone who visited their booth include name, company, and contact info. Elite booth levels and above receive the full attendee lists.

Q: Is there going to be a portal where document files and video files are uploaded?
A: We have a project manager and a team from the platform that will help implement, and they will be working with exhibitors starting the beginning of August.

If you are not available in August and want to get this item completed now, you can submit digital content to

In the email subject line, please note Content for (your company name) Virtual Booth. Please note the number of documents, PDFs, Videos and/or websites that your level of Partnership or Basic Booth includes.

Q: Do I have to staff an online booth?
A: While optional, it is highly recommended that you staff your booth from 1 – 5 p.m. both show days. This will allow visitors to your booth to interact with you in real time.

Q: I'm advertising in an issue that qualifies for a free booth. What do I need to do?
A: First step is to email your company and contact person for booth building.

You will be provided a DocuSign contract to be a part of the Glass Expo VE that contains the Rules & Regulations. That needs to be signed and returned to participate.

Q: If an exhibitor has the chat feature for the booth, are they notified somehow if someone is trying to chat?
A: Yes, the exhibitor will receive a ping that someone is trying to chat with them on the platform.